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Coming February 5

The first guide and spell book for modern witches on how to bring the renowned Marie Laveau's spiritual heritage to life.

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Denise Alvarado is a bestselling author and artist whose work is inspired by magick, mystery, and the gothic aesthetic. She has written over twenty books and created many works of art that have captivated audiences around the world. A New Orleans born, native Creole raised in the unique culture of New Orleans, Louisiana, Alvarado has studied indigenous healing traditions from a personal and academic perspective for over five decades. Alvarado is an independent researcher and member of the American Anthropological Association, the Association of Indigenous Anthropologists, and the Association of Latina/o & Latinx Anthropologists.

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Denise Augustine

Our Sacred Stories Tour Company

"The Marie Laveau Voodoo Grimoire is a compelling exploration of Voodoo traditions, dispelling myths and offering deep insights into the spiritual practices of this ancient and misunderstood religion. Alvarado's writing is both engaging and informative, making it accessible to both newcomers and seasoned practitioners. Whether you are a curious reader interested in the occult or a dedicated student of Voodoo, this book provides a rich and enlightening experience."

Ye Ye Luisah Teish

author, performer, and keynote speaker

"Mam’zelle Marie and the legacy of Voodoo have often been maligned by mainstream media and treated with cock-eyed reporting from well-meaning apologists. Denise has done the research needed to tell the whole story. It reads well as the history of a community led by the influence of powerful and compassionate women. Sit back, read, gather your altar items, and prepare to conjure your best life. Power forward."

Priestess Stephanie

Rose Bird

magick-maker, artist, and author

“The Marie Laveau Voodoo Grimoire is the stuff! Everything about this book feels just right. It’s spare yet lush; vintage but with a fresh tone. Like Grandma’s dresser, it’s filled with sensual delights and well-kept secrets. I was hooked from page one. I want this book. I need this book in my magickal library, and you will too. Sister, you had me at Potlikker!””
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Conjure Your World, Laveau-Style

Study the Marie Laveau Voodoo Grimoire in depth with the author. Each week we take a chapter, cover the subject matter in depth, and explore how the concepts and practices can be incorporated into daily life.

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